The changes of the leaves, the colors, the brilliant beauty as the summer fades and another season comes to a close. The long roads and open air call my name. Driving in the countryside has given me a love for the beautiful landscapes of creation. It is here stillness and peace reside.

One bright day as I was driving and struggling with desires of my heart, I asked the Lord to just intervene in my circumstances. I was tired of waiting. Tired of feeling alone and weary. Sometimes in the quiet, truth can take root in your heart as it did in mine.  God is presently working in the waiting. God is at work!

Why use waiting? I believe that He uses seasons of waiting because He is working out my impatience and stubborn pride. I am learning the meaning of resting in the Lord and to wait patiently for Him.(Psalm 37:7) Truth is sin sick nature is in a battle. I want things, I demand things and I sin.(This is a problem for me even with the good things I desire.) However, patience is perfected in waiting. Temptation comes and waiting prepares me to step back and wait on the Lord instead of jumping ahead of God. Patience is one of the hardest things for me, I will admit. I want to have a patient spirit but I don’t want to wait patiently to obtain it. (Ironic isn’t it?!) I have jumped ahead so many times in my impatience that I forget to follow the Lord because He knows the way. It is a partial following not a whole-hearted devotion. During those moments of being in a season of waiting or waiting room, God teaches draws me closer to His heart.

What a privileged joy as a child of God! To wait on the Creator of the universe and be courageous in our waiting. (Psalm 27:14) He knows our longings and trials because He endured the suffering of men. Take courage your waiting is never in vain, purpose is in the waiting.

This season of life I am in whether married or single, summer, winter or spring, I will always be a waiting room. Yes, I am waiting for God to still intervene in unseen ways but I am also waiting for the return of the Son of Man.

I may feel like I am waiting for forever and it may seem like this season of waiting will never come to a close. However, I can trust a faithful Creator who promised, “that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6) God is not finished with my impatient heart. He continues to perfect His grace in me by slowly working.

My challenge to you is to ask yourself: What condition is your heart in as you wait? Are you sitting at His feet with great joy and anticipation?

Dear Sister, I understand how hard the waiting becomes when dealing with unfulfilled longings, however, let me encourage you to pursue the One who waits on you to pursue Him.