There is a great mystery surrounding Easter, it is true! So let me tell you of my case–the search for amazing grace!

In a garden, on a mount, was a Saviour who poured out, an anguished soul, He did bear, as it was my sin that led Him there.
As He prayed for strength to stand, drops of blood fell from Him. ” May this cup of suffering pass from Me. Not my will but God’s be done. ” was the plea that arose from His Son.
Soldier’s came to arrest with clubs at the Chief priest’s behest. All the Saviour’s friends deserted him but one.
Peter, pursued not wanting to abandon the Lord that he knew. But when faced with a question about his affiliation with Christ,  Peter denied knowing Him in a manner so bold. Just as Jesus had foretold.

As the unlawful meeting of the Jewish Court continued into the night. The events unfolded with lies that were uttered out of spite. The innocent One didn’t dispute. “Are you the Messiah?” the Chief Priest demanded. Then Jesus opened His mouth at last, “Yes.” was His reply to the one who asked. The Chief Priest in foolish anger tore his clothes. This was the first of the night’s many woes.

Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of the time, thought this matter was an easy case since there was no crime. He chose to please the crowd in a state of compromise, he offered to exchange a guilty murderer or for the innocent man to be set free. His plan was brought about by fear that the Jews would riot there.  Blood was to be shed that day as they called out for the innocent man to be slain. Pilate gave the orders his hands were not without blame, even though he tried washing them, they were still guilty and ashamed. Jesus the innocent was lead to the slaughter, not a word did he complain or utter.

The events unfold throughout the day, as they made a mockery of the King of the Jews. The torture began as a crown of thorns was placed on Christ’s head. They violently beat the Lord of Hosts with the sting of a whip and many blows. Christ bore it all alone.

Paraded through a crowded town, carrying a heavy wooden beam around. Christ strength was reduced, His weakened body couldn’t bear the load, so Joseph of Armithea was charged to carry it up the road. There on the Place of the Skull on top of Golgotha’s hill two other thieves were being crucified at will. Soldiers drove spikes into Christ’s hands and feet and gave Him sour wine drink.  “It is finished!” He did cry when His time had come to die. The sky darkened into a blackish hue as the temple curtain split in two!

Jesus body was brought to the ground, it was buried in a tomb outside of town. A large stone was rolled to the entrance of the rocky grave. Soldiers were placed to guard a dead man’s cave. Some think this story is ended with the sealing of the Tomb, however, this is not true!

On the third day a voice was heard, “Arise, my Son and loose deaths iron gird!” Up from the grave Christ did appear as the earth shook the soldiers fell down in fear. Death is swallowed up in victory its power is gone! This is deserving of a more than a song!

Three woman came to the tomb to serve the Lord after death, but they didn’t expect what happened next! Two angels announced “He is Risen!” to the frighted woman. The woman raced from the tomb to find the disciples hiding in an upper room. The woman brought the joy filled news, but weren’t believed until Jesus appeared in the locked room! Look now and see His hands and feet this is not trickery or deceit!

After a time, Jesus ascended on high after witnesses saw him even though some still will deny. He sits now in heaven at the right hand of God and will some day come back for His chosen bride.  I urge you to discover these truths of this mystery for yourselves. May you figure out what Easter is all about.

The mystery of Easter isn’t about the spring or the song that new life often brings.  It is a joyful reminder of new life in Christ that can  be found because He conquered death by raising up from the ground. When Christ conquered the stronghold of sin and death, He set the captives free, one of those captives was me! It is true, I should have been beaten and nailed to a tree for I was guilty of rebelling against the God of Eternity.

But glory be given to the eternal God whose mercy is greater than all my arrogant pride that would have left my soul to die. No greater love has ever been known then for Christ to put away His heavenly throne. Compelled by love and promises given to the human race, about a Saviour who would stand in our place. Christ brought about the work of saving grace.

Though I don’t understand it all at times, I am fully in awe of the plan that isn’t mine. This plan to save us all from the curse was the purpose for Christ coming to earth. To make known the mystery of the gospel in becoming a curse for the sins of many that through being a curse might save the captive human race and bridge the gap between God and the human kind was all apart of the eternal plan. This is my Saviour the spotless Lamb, slain for the sin of the human race that those who might believe would inherit grace.

This my friends is the mystery of the gospel revealed, the case is closed and the deal is sealed! May all the praise go to Christ for giving up His very life!

Happy Easter! He is Risen!