The sun glared triumphantly across the sky as the plane in front of me taxied down the runway toward a destination. The faster the plane went the more concerns came. Would it pick up enough speed? Was it prepared for the rigors of flight? What about the experience of the pilot? I wondered if the passengers were concerned about flying.

My plane turned so I could not see the plane in front of me. I had to trust in the unseen. Knowing that pilots are well equipped to fly and safety measures are always taken to ensure the best for the passengers aboard. The passengers understand the details (or may not think of those things) otherwise they wouldn’t fly.

As the plane started climbing higher my perspective drastically changed as land masses and lakes started to come into view. The buildings, forests, and roadways looked like a child’s gigantic train and roadway set spanning the miles.

So this is what it feels like to soar! You gain a new trust and understanding when you see in a different light what was familiar. Gaining a gospel centered perspective is important in the life of every believer. When you see your life through the lens of the cross you see yourself for the sinner you are and your gaze at Christ refocuses as you see the brilliant love and mercy displayed. “What grace is mine?” Says the hymn writer, “that He who dwells in endless light. Called through the night to find my distant soul.”(Keith and Kristyn Getty)

Over the next several posts I will be sharing what I am learning about polishing my perspective so I can learn to see life through a Gospel centered lens. How can you polish your perspective for gospel centered thinking?